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Karen Waters, RN, CMT


Personal Statement

Working as a massage therapist and in my everyday life, I encounter people with chronic and/or acute pain. Some may have been told that they need surgery, some are on pain medications, and some are just “dealing with the pain.” By using trigger point therapy and relaxation massage, I experience joy helping people decrease and/or eliminate their pain, relax their body, mind, and spirit, thus increase their quality of life. I enjoy working with people of all ages and have a special place in my heart for elders.


Professional Training and Experience

Karen Waters is a graduate of the Vermont Institute of Massage Therapy (2000) and has completed Trigger Point Therapy training with Amber Davies, NCTMB. Trigger Point Therapy is based on the research and practice of Dr. Travell, MD and Dr. Simons, MD and was modified for massage by Claire Davies, NCTMB and Amber Davies, NCTMB.


Before beginning her full-time massage therapy practice, Karen was a registered nurse for 22 years on the thoracic/vascular surgery floor of the University Health Center.